Affinity Program

Our Commitment is committed to financially supporting Historic Route 66 Preservation, Development and Promotion activities. contributes $5 of every annual subscription to Historic Route 66 preservation, development and promotion activities. The $5 contribution rolls over with renewals to provide a continuing income stream.

Funds generated by the program are directed to eligible Route 66 focused not-for-profit (US 501 (c) 3) organizations. State and local Route 66 entities can participate in the program to support their fund-raising efforts.

Each subscriber has the opportunity to select one of the qualified entities to receive program funding. The default not-for-profit selection is The Road Ahead Partnership.

FAQs - Affinity Program

Why did create an Affinity Program?

Preserving Historic Route 66 for posterity requires funding and working together. Route 66 is our business. Giving back is investing in our future.

How much of's revenues go toward Affinity programming?

A $5.00 USD deduction from a $48.00 USD annual subscription is over 10% of's total revenue.

Does show subscribers what is being done with the Affinity funds?

Yes. A summary of the Affinity Program's annual audit will be available on this website.

Is it correct that the funding for an Affinity organization will continue indefinitely (annually) if subscribers remain current?


Is it correct that the subscriber base for a particular Affinity organization can grow indefinitely?


May I change my affinity choice?

Yes. Login to your My Account at Choose the organization you prefer from the list. The Road Ahead Partnership is the default if no other organization is chosen.

If I change my Affinity choice, how soon will the change take effect?

It takes effect when the subscription is renewed. The Affinity deduction is made immediately after registration or renewal.

Who do we contact to obtain more information on the Affinity program?

Contact the Affinity Program Director using our contact form