Affinity Program

Our Commitment has identified two areas where we can make a difference – Route 66 historic preservation activities; or, in collaboration with our subscribers, specialized critical care medical facilities for children. Our Affinity Program is how we make that happen.

Overview deducts $5 USD from every subscription to provide funding for:

Historic Route 66 Preservation (RT66P) funds are available to qualified communities and groups working to preserve and enhance the legacy that is Historic Route 66 – the history, infrastructure and related culture. RT66P funding applications are carefully vetted by for both merit and the applying entity's legal qualification to receive funding. When approved, funds go directly to the entity (or its approved fiscal agent) on behalf of subscribers.

Critical Care Medical Facilities for Children (CCMFC) funds support specific charitable entities. CCMFC designation is the result of a formal application to by organized groups of subscribers (social clubs, civic groups, charities, etc.).

CCMFC applications are carefully vetted by for authenticity of the charitable entity. When approved, funds go directly to the CCMFC (or its fiscal agent) on behalf of the sponsoring group.

How Does this Work?

Funded RT66P activities and CCMFCs each have a unique twenty two (22) character Affinity Code for identification; e.g. RT66P-0100-GENERALACT; CCMFC-0100-CTINGLEYHSP

Affinity code selection is part of subscriber's Rt66 email account registration. The default Affinity code (no action necessary) directs funds to RT66P. Members of groups with a CCMFC will select the Affinity code for their entity, e.g. a specific children's hospital.


An Example

Tucumcari, New Mexico's Recumbent Bicycle Riders (RBR – pronounced 'rubber') holds an annual fundraising event to support the Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital (CTCH) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. RBR’s fundraising plan for CTCH this year is a group ride, and bicycle race, along Historic Route 66 from Santa Fe, New Mexico to finish in Tucumcari, New Mexico – a distance of approximately 167 miles (268.76 kilometers) along the original Route 66.

RBR's directors plan ahead. They apply to's Affinity program. RBR is approved as a fundraising entity for the children's hospital. RBR-CTCH is assigned a unique Affinity code by

RBR's members, families, and friends are all subscribers – they all use the RBR-CTCH Affinity code. RBR's fundraising efforts go well. Their members recruit more email subscribers from the community and the surrounding region.

When the big day arrives to start the ride, over 2000 Tucumcarians and CTCH supporters in Albuquerque and Santa Fe have email addresses. At registration, all of them selected the Affinity code assigned to RBR-CTCH. The $5 USD deduction from each email subscription results in a check for $10,000+ to CTCH on behalf of RBR.

Affinity Benefits Continue: CTCH receives annual funding from on behalf of RBR - as long as email subscribers maintain their subscriptions. The RBR-CTCH Affinity code remains on the Affinity list after the event. New subscribers with an affinity for CTCH's mission can select the RBR-CTCH Affinity code at registration and add to the base of supporters.

Affinity Example

There is More

No time limit: New email subscribers using a specific CCMFC code can add to a growing base of supporters indefinitely.

Affinity 'roll-over': A CCMFC will continue to receive funds annually from on behalf of its supporters. One requirement - subscribers using the specific CCMFC's Affinity code must stay current with their subscriptions.

FAQs - Affinity Program

Why did create an Affinity Program?

The RT66P component helps preserve and enhance what is left of Historic Route 66. Small contributions from many people add up. Preserving Historic Route 66 for posterity requires funding and working together. Route 66 is our business. Giving back is investing in our future.

The CCMFC component acknowledges that many subscribers (particularly those outside the USA) have pressing needs with higher priorities closer to home. The CCMFC provides subscriber groups an option for supporting worthy local/regional charitable causes.

How much of's revenues go toward Affinity programming?

Gross revenue or net revenue? A significant amount either way. Do the math yourself. A $5 USD deduction from a $59.97 USD annual subscription is a big percentage.

Does show subscribers what is being done with the Affinity funds?

Yes. A summary of the Affinity Program's annual audit will be available on this web site.

Is it correct that the funding for an Affinity entity will continue indefinitely (annually) if subscribers remain current?


Is it correct that the subscriber base using a particular Affinity code can grow indefinitely?


May I change my affinity code if I choose to support a different CCMFC?

Yes. Login to your account. Select the Affinity you prefer from the list. The RT66P code at the top of the list (RT66P-0001-000GENERALACT) is the default if no specific RT66P or CCMFC is selected.

If I change my affinity code, how soon will the change take effect?

It takes effect when the subscription is renewed. The Affinity deduction is made immediately after registration or renewal.

Who do we contact to obtain more information on the Affinity program?

Contact the Affinity Program Director using our contact form