Is email service the only function served by the Rt66.com web site?


Is there a 'best' version of the famous song (Get your kicks on) Route 66?

There are hundreds of Route 66 covers. If you like the late Chuck Berry’s music, his Route 66 cover may give you your kicks. Or, perhaps, the Rolling Stones' Route 66 cover does it for you.
Here at Rt66.com, we like Beatmasters' remix of Depeche Mode's Route 66. Play it very loud!

Is there advertising on Rt66 email?


Is there any advertising on Rt66.com (web site)?

No. Rt66.com is exclusively a platform to showcase '...the best email address on this planet!'

No, the US FBI was hacked one one occasion - so what is 100% secure?

Rt66.com and our partners are diligent. We take issues such as strong passwords for both Rt66.com (the web site) and for our email subscribers very seriously. To protect our users, industry standard security protocols are applied to management of the web site and email servers.