Help & Settings

How to Access your Email


Login from the homepage or login from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc) using the link below:

For quick access, create a browser bookmark/favorite or a desktop shortcut to this link on your computer's homepage.

Mobile Devices & Mail Clients

You may also configure mail client applications like Thunderbird, Mailbird, Apple Mail and Outlook as well as mobile devices including iOS and Android to connect to your mailbox. Please use the following settings:

Incoming Server

Server Name:

Incoming Port: 993 (for IMAP) OR 995 (for POP3) Not sure which to use?*

Encryption Type: SSL

Outgoing Server

Server Name:

Outgoing (SMTP) Port: 2500 or 2525

Encryption Type: STARTTLS (If not available, select TLS or SSL)

SMTP Authentication: Email address and password, same as incoming server

* IMAP synchronizes messages with webmail while POP3 downloads messages to the email client or device and deletes them from webmail.