About Us


Rt66.com is a diverse, globally dispersed collaborative with an interest in everything about Historic Route 66. We're curious – we want to know about 'The Road' and it's meaning to you, our subscribers and fellow travelers.

Many of you have spent lives dreaming about Route 66, and taking that 'once in a lifetime trip' West. Yes, West...East is just wrong.

In 1966, at 18, the oldest of us 'motored West' on Route 66 from Iowa (through New Mexico) to Los Angeles. His ride was a 1964 Mustang. How good was that?

That '64 Mustang is long gone - memories and The Road live on. We're committed to keeping it that way.

Our Goals & Objectives


To contribute to the preservation of Historic Route 66's legacy – its local and shared history, culture, and infrastructure

To contribute (through partnerships with subscriber groups) to very specific charitable interests


To focus on one very special product – email@Rt66.com

To protect our subscribers' security and privacy

To grow and support our subscriber base to enable meaningful achievement of our Goals

Our Strategies

Our development strategy involves reaching far-flung individuals and groups with shared affinities for Historic Route 66. We do this in several ways:

Social Media: We rely on contemporary modes of contact and networking to reach our direct target audiences – this includes all forms of social media, word of mouth and direct contact by telephone, teleconferencing and written correspondence.

Affinity Program: We sell email at '...the best address on this planet'. However, our development message is broader – we intend to do good. That message is our Affinity Program – which supports our preservation and charitable Goals.