Rt66.com Privacy Policy

Rt66.com’s minimal Registration Information and Privacy Policy provide Users the opportunity for 'Tenable Anonymity'

Registration Information

'Tenable Anonymity' requires that User select an Rt66.com username that does not provide clues to User’s identity – Example: crash@rt66.com; AND, that User provide a backup email with a similarly obscure username – Example: emptybox@grtml.com. The opportunity, and responsibility, for maintaining Tenable Anonymity falls on the User alone. Rt66.com makes no explicit or implied warranty with regard to Tenable Anonymity.

To register and maintain an account Rt66.com requests minimal information from User: an alternative email address for contact and authentication for lost passwords; and location by country and state (if applicable) to comply with Rt66.com’s tax liability by jurisdiction - those data are retained.

Registrants also confirm age (18 years or older), and accept Rt66.com’s Terms of Service – those data are not retained. The registrant’s provision of a given name (first and last) is optional - it should not be provided if User desires Tenable Anonymity – if User opts to provide a given name it is retained.

Email Data

Your email is private.

Rt66.com provides secure and reliable service to send, receive and store email and attachments. Rt66.com's involvement ends there. Rt66.com does not filter, scan, harvest from, or analyze your email in any way distinct from protection from malware, viruses and spam.

In the case of suspected criminal activities, Rt66.com will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and disclose data as required by law.

SSL Encryption

Rt66.com recommends and provides SSL encryption for users to connect to Rt66.com servers from their computers and/or mobile devices. Rt66.com SSL encryption provides a layer of protection from eavesdropping for connections made between the Rt66.com user and Rt66.com servers. Since Rt66.com cannot guarantee that recipients and senders using other service providers are using secure connections, Rt66.com does not recommend transmission of security sensitive data via email.